Past Officers


1912 Capt. E.F. Morrison Bell, M.P. (Churston)
1913 Lord Clinton (East Devon)
1914 Earl of Devon (Warren)
1920 Lord Churston (Churston)
1921 A.L. Christie (Saunton)
1922 Sir Henry Lopes (Yelverton)
1923-32 L.C.H. Palairet (Warren)
1933-47 H.C. Bennet (East Devon)
1948-67 Maj. W.J. Brockman,D.S.O. (Torquay)
1968-82 Lt.-Col. D.F.Brown, T.D. (Okehampton)
1983-85 J.W.D. Goodban, O.B.E. (Saunton) 
1986-88 J.S. Scrivener (Stover)
1989-91 P.J. Parker (Exeter)
1992-94 P.B.F. Brown (Okehampton)
1995-96 J.F. Hiles (Teignmouth)
1997-98 R. Greenaway (East Devon)
1999 D.G. Daniell (Warren)
2000 B.G. Steer (Tavistock)
2000 D.G. Daniell (Warren)
2001-02 R.C. Beer (Saunton)
2003-04 J.J. Spencer (Exeter)
2005-06 B.S. Bounsall (Tavistock)
2007-08 A.M. Palmer (Staddon Heights)
2009-10 G.B. Rogers (Warren)
2011 P.J. Parker (Exeter)
2012-13 H.C. Paget (Teignmouth)
2014-16 M.E. Jewell
2016-2017 T.C. Reynolds
Merger DGL & DCLGA, 1st April 2018
​2018-2020 R. Pascoe & Mrs C. Maynard

Hon. Secretaries & Treasurers

1912 W. Whytock
1913 B. Thomas
1914 B. Thomas
1920 R.C.N. Palairet & F. Gray
1921-49 F. Gray (Torquay)

Hon. Asst. Secretary

1948-49 A.P. Cooper (Churston)

Hon. Secretaries

1950-61 A.P. Cooper (Churston)
1962 C.E. Goldsmith & W.R.L. Hexter
1963-71 A.W. Slater (Exeter)
1971-82 T. Catchpole (Stover)
1983-90 J. Marshall (Stover)
1990-94 T.C. Reynolds (Saunton)


1995 T.C. Reynolds (Saunton)
1995-2018 R.J. Hirst (Tavistock)

Hon. Treasurers

1950-72 J. Gillet (Torquay)
1972-84 J.T. Tompkins (Torquay)
1985-88 P.J. Parker (Exeter)
1989-90 T.C. Reynolds (Saunton)
1991-94 J.F. Hiles (Teignmouth)
1995-96 R.Parker (Warren)
1997-00 J.F. Hiles (Teignmouth)
2001-06 G.B. Rogers (Warren)
2006-16 P.B.M. Cliff (Torquay)

Finance Director

2017-18 G.J. Williams

Honorary Vice-Presidents

Keith Abraham
​Brian Bounsall
Stuart Bridge
Peter Brown
Tony Gatland
Chris Morton
Henry Paget
Alf Palmer
Michael Jewell
Phillip Parker
John Phillips
Derek Reed
Trevor Reynolds
Geoff Rogers
John Scrivener
Roy Smith

1990 M.E. Jewell (Tiverton) 
1991-92 R.W.J. Brockington (Tavistock)
1993-94 G. Ruth (Tavistock)
1995 R.J. Hirst (Tavistock)
1996-97 M.T. Fudge (RND)
1998-99 D.N. Roberts (Staddon Heights)
2001-02 A.W. Ackland (Saunton)
2002-03 M.C. Evans (RND)
2004-05 W.A. Reed (Tavistock)
2006-07 D.N. Roberts (Staddon Heights)
2008-09 P.M. Newcombe (East Devon)
2010-11 N.E. Holland (Sidmouth)
2012-13 A.D. Bridgewater (Tavistock)
​2014-15 J.N. Hampton (Stover)
2016 - No Captain
​2017-18 P. Lawrence (Woodbury)

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​Future Tournaments

Womens - WMN Foursomes N&E (Holsworthy) Wednesday 4th August (5 days)
Womens - WMN Foursomes S&W (Dainton Park) Monday 9th August (10 days)
All - County Card Stableford Event (Honiton) Thursday 26th August (27 days)
Juniors - Autumn Meeting (Boringdon Park) Friday 27th August (28 days)
Womens - Express and Echo Shield (Exeter) Thursday 9th September (41 days)
Mixed Pairs - Palairet Cup (Tiverton) Thursday 23rd September (55 days)
Womens - DevonGolf Championship (East Devon) Saturday 25th September (57 days)

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