"A modern handicap system for all golfers everywhere"

The World Handicap System has launched in November 2020. It is designed to welcome more players, to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a handicap which is portable all around the globe.

It has replaced the six different systems currently used by over 15 million golfers in more than 80 countries.

It has been developed by The R&A and The United States Golf Association (USGA), supported by the world’s handicapping authorities, including CONGU, which represents the four home countries of Great Britain and Ireland.

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Find out what the World Handicap System means for you as a golfer with details from what is the WHS and why it was created to how your handicap is calculated through your handicap index click here to be directed to the Golfer Education Hub.

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How can I implement the World Handicap System at my club?

As golf clubs will be responsible in handling their members enquiries on the new World Handicap System, make sure you are up to speed with all the details involved and how to escalate any more difficult queries. Click here to be directed to the Golf Club Resource Hub.

DevonGolf will support Clubs in their efforts to educate their Members.

Over the coming months England Golf will be issuing Course Rating / Slope certificates to Clubs that have been rated since 2014 and those that are being rated this year.  For those Clubs that have not been rated by then, England Golf will issue temporary Ratings / Slopes, until the formal rating has been carried out.

Some club Members have drawn our attention to the rating data on the USGA site.  CONGU & England Golf have still to review and validate this information, so please treat this information with caution. The USGA website also includes Rules of Handicapping.  However, as with the current CONGU manual, there are a number of clauses that will have regional variances.  Therefore, clubs should wait until the Rules of Handicapping book, with CONGU interpretations and direction, are issued also later in the year.

Any queries, in the first instance, please contact the DevonGolf Operations Manager Paul Cloke (email:

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