Golf Operations Manager Paul Cloke
Finance and Administration Officer Gary Williams
DG Chair and Director Nick James
DG Club Services Director Yvonne Alford
DG Competitions Director Vacant 
DG Development Director Wendy Stanbury
DG Performance Director Roger Worthington
DG Finance Director Chris Eddowes
DG Co-Opt Director Liz Turner
DG President and Director Carolyn Maynard
DG President and Director Richard Pascoe
Competition Secretary Colleen Skornia
Ladies' Inter Club Secretary Rosie Burnham
DG Handicap Advisors George Rumbold / Liz Turner
Course Rating Lead Philip Lee
Referee Lead David Smith
County Welfare Officer Dr Ann Wallace
Club Support Officer Brad Bodinnar
Men's Team Manager Andy Parker
Women's Team Manager Sarah Hoff
Boys u18 Team Manager Gary Milne
Boys u16 Team Manager Mark Sangster
Boys u14 Team Manager Marc Mulligan
Girls' Team Manager Jo Donmall
Senior Men's Team Manager Colin Papworth
Boys County Coach Gary Milne
Girls' County Coach Darren Everett