Stella Temple Cup

Scratch Cup

Joan Mackenzie Handicap Salver

Stella Temple Memorial Cup

Presented in 1920 by the Club and its' members in memory of
Stella Temple OBE who died on active service during The Great War

2021 Lauren McGinnis Churston
2020  Not Played
2019 Keeley Clarke Torquay
2018 Keeley Clarke Torquay
2017 Keeley Clarke Torquay
2016 Keeley Clarke Torquay
2015 Not played
2014 Alison Down Saunton
2013 Gilly Jarvis Tavistock
2012 Lauren Pearce Exminster
2011 Lauren Pearce Exminster
2010 Leah Roelich Teignmouth
2009 Gill Whitehead Exeter
2008 Gill Whitehead Exeter
2007 Sally Charnock Saunton
2006 Charlotte Dommett Torquay
2005 Charlotte Dommett Torquay
2004 Laura Eastwood Yelverton
2003 Laura Eastwood Yelverton
2002 Laura Eastwood Yelverton
2001 Gilly Jarvis Yelverton
2000 June Nightingale Exeter

18 hole Scratch Cup in 18 hole meeting

Year Winner Home Club Venue
1985 J Wayman Teignmouth East Devon
1984 L Lines Tiverton Teignmouth
1983 J Dymond Tiverton Tiverton
1982 J Barclay Tavistock Yelverton
1981 J Mason Teignmouth Honiton
1980 JW Green Torquay Torquay
1979 J Mason Teignmouth Royal North Devon
1978 J Mason Teignmouth Bigbury
1977 M Wardrop Sidmouth East Devon
1976 J Mason Teignmouth Warren
1975 Mrs Roberts Teignmouth Teignmouth
1974 Mrs Morrison Saunton Yelverton
1973 M Isard East Devon Sidmouth

Silver Meeting Started 1961
18 hole Scratch Cup in 36 hole Meeting

Year Winner Home Club Venue
1972 Mrs Cresswell Yelverton Torquay
1971 Mrs Claxton Tavistock Tiverton
1970 J Mason Teignmouth Yelverton
1969 J Mason Teignmouth Thurlestone
1968 M Anstey East Devon East Devon
1967 M Anstey East Devon Stover
1966 M Anstey East Devon Tiverton
1965 Mrs Emerson Yelverton Yelverton
1964 M Anstey Exeter Teignmouth
1963 VE Cresswell Torquay Warren
1962 P Powell East Devon Saunton
1961 P Powell East Devon Thurlestone

Winner of first 18 holes Scratch of 36 hole qualifying round for Championship

Year Winner Home Club Venue
1960 Miss Dodington Tiverton Churston
1959 B Russell Teignmouth Royal North Devon
1958 B Ord Thurlestone Thurlestone
1957 J Scott  Exeter Exeter
1956 P Morris Sidmouth Torquay
1955 P Morris Sidmouth Saunton
1954 B Ord Thurlestone Thurlestone
1953 M Anstey Exeter East Devon
1952 M Anstey Exeter Warren

C ompetition format unknown 1920-1951
Possibly winner of first 18 holes Scratch of 36 hole qualifying round for Championship

Year Winner Home Club Venue
1951 M Taylor Westward Ho! (RND) Westward Ho!
1950 DL Duckett Teignmouth Yelverton
1949 M Anstey Exeter Exeter
1948 B Ord Thurlestone Churston
1947 B Ord Thurlestone Westward Ho! (RND)
1939 B Dent Thurlestone Thurlestone
1938 B Dent Thurlestone East Devon
1937 B Dent Thurlestone Warren
1936 UC Radford Westward Ho! (RND) Saunton
1935 A Evans-Lombe Axe Cliff Yelverton
1934 E Powell-Williams Yelverton East Devon
1933 E Powell-Williams Yelverton Churston
1932 E Powell-Williams Yelverton Westward Ho! (RND)
1931 E Powell-Williams Yelverton Thurlestone
1930 HM Robinson Tavistock Exeter
1929 A Evans-Lombe Axe Cliff Torquay
1928 E Powell-Williams Yelverton Westward Ho! (RND)
1927 SH Murphy Tavistock Tavistock
1926 GE Hamilton East Devon East Devon
1925 DF Coxhead Sidmouth Churston
1924 A Evans-Lombe Axe Cliff Torquay
1923 M Hingston Churston Yelverton
1922 C Ost
East Devon
1921 DF Coxhead Sidmouth
1920 Winifred Watts Westward Ho! (RND)

Scratch Cup

Year Winner Club
2021 Lauren McGinnis Churston
2020 Not Played
2019 Helen Leathbridge
2018 Alison West Portmore
2017 Frances Harbron Okehampton
2016 Ann Hazelwood Fingle Glen

Joan MacKenzie Handicap Salver

Year Winner Club
2021 Nuan Forsyth Stover
2020 Not Played
2019 Lexi Dart Churston
2018 Susan Willians Okehampton
2017 Wendy Roberts Dainton Park
2016 Keeley Clarke Torquay