Rule Adjustments for Acceptable Scores during COVID-19 Restrictions
(Competition and General Play Scores)
UPDATE: 13/07/2021

As our Governments reduce/repeal COVID restrictions, the advice from the Home Unions is changing in response. The current advice from the Home Unions is to remove situations where the touching of course furniture or score cards is not permitted, along with rule adjustments to accommodate this. The new advice, as restrictions are lifted, is to once again allow those touchpoints – flagsticks may be touched/removed, bunker rakes are to be allowed and score cards can be exchanged once more. Accordingly, as each Home Union provides this updated advice, all adjustments to the rules (as set out below) are rescinded and play will be according to the Rules of Golf and Rules of Handicapping.

Current Situation (as at 13/07/2021)
All adjustments to the Rules of Golf continue to be in place for all Unions not identified below.
ENGLAND GOLF – From Monday 19th July 2021

All restrictions on touch points are removed. All adjustments to the Rules of Golf to cover the COVID pandemic are rescinded.

Flagsticks may be removed and the hole must conform to the Rules of Golf such that the definition of a Ball Holed is once more enforced (noting the exception in Rule 13.2 – Ball Resting Against Flagstick).

With no restrictions on bunker rakes on the course, a local rule to allow preferred lies in bunkers is not permitted (apart from situations already covered under the Rules of Golf and the appropriate Model Local Rules utilised) and generally making all bunkers GUR is no longer permitted.

Rule 3.3b (scoring in Stroke Play) is reinstated fully and a return to a ‘normal’ method of attestation must be used for physical scorecards. Any use of electronic scorecards must fully implement the requirements of this rule.

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