History of the Devon Men's Union to Unification in 2018

The Early Days
A meeting held at the Queen's Hall, Exeter on 26 October 1911, attended by representatives of sixteen clubs marked the first steps towards the formation of the Devon County Golf Union. Over the next few months three further clubs indicated their interest in joining and thus nineteen clubs comprised the founding members of the Union.

Those clubs were:
Bolberry, Churston, East Devon, Exeter, Exmouth, Ilfracombe, Lee, Seaton, Sidmouth, South Devon, Stafford Moor, Stover, Tavistock, Thurlestone, Torquay, Torquay and South Devon, United Services (Plymouth), Warren and Yelverton. 

Six of those clubs are no longer in existence, namely: Bolberry, Exmouth, Lee, Seaton, Stafford Moor, Torquay and South Devon, whilst the United Services (Plymouth) Club was renamed in 1969 as the Staddon Heights Golf Club and the South Devon Golf Club became the Wrangaton Golf Club in 1921.

The first Chairman of the Union was L.C.H. (Lionel) Palairet of Warren Golf Club whose exploits on the cricket field are well documented. His name is, of course, immortalised in the County's premier annual inter-club team championship — the Palairet Trophy.

Comings and Goings
Oddly enough, whilst Devon boasts the oldest golf course in England at Westward Ho!, the home of the Royal North Devon Golf Club which was formed in 1864, that club did not become affiliated to the Union until 1914.

Over the hundred-year history of the Union there have been numerous clubs forming and disbanding for many and varied reasons, not least the interference and requirements of two world wars, but the affiliated membership has grown by 2011 to comprise forty-six clubs together with the three surviving Artisan Clubs.

Devon became one of the founder-counties of the South Western Counties Golf Association in 1923. The English Golf Union was formed in 1924 and Devon has, to date,  contributed four Presidents of that body, namely Lionel Palairet in 1931, John Goodban O.B.E. in 1977, Basil Steer in 1996 and John Scrivener in 1998.

National Champions
On the playing side, Devon had to wait until 1985 before it produced an English Men's Amateur Champion when Roger Winchester of the Sidmouth Golf Club triumphed at Little Aston Golf Club, and amazingly his success was duplicated the following year at the Hillside Golf Club by Stover's Jonathan Langmead. To date these remain the only Devon successes in this the country's major amateur individual event.

In the English County Championship finals Devon has recorded two successes — the first in 1985 at the Burnham and Berrow Golf Club under the Captaincy of Peter Brown, and in 2003 at Formby Golf Club under the leadership of Mark Evans.

The English Champion Club Tournament was founded in 1984 and, to date, the only success by a Devon club occurred in 2004 when Tavistock Golf Club triumphed at the Sandwell Park Golf Club.

Two other individual successes in English Golf Union events occurred in 1990 when Tavistock's David Turnbull triumphed at Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club in the McGregor Trophy, and in 1976 when Okehampton's Richard Brown was successful in the County Champions' Tournament held at the Shifnal Golf Club.

Junior Golf
It would be remiss not to record the contributions made towards the successes of the Devon County Golf Union over the last century by players graduating from the Devon County Junior Golf Society which was formed in 1954 and which has over the years supplied a steady stream of talented young players to the enormous benefit of county senior teams. Obviously, the coaching and competitive facilities provided by the Society are the source of much pleasure not only to those members referred to above, but to the hundreds of players who have enjoyed a lifetime's enjoyment as club members throughout the county.

Past Officers

Presidents Captains Secretaries Treasurers

The history of  the
Devon County Ladies' Golf Assocation
to unification in 2018

The Devon County Club (DCC) was founded in 1900 when Queen Victoria still had a year left of her reign. The DCC was formed with 6 clubs and 24 members. Westward Ho! Ladies, Torquay, Churston and Seaton. Budleigh on the banks of the River Otter had 9 holes and Exmouth 6 holes. The subscription was 2/6d – about £17 today.

The first President was The Hon. B. Lois Yarde Buller of Churston. The County badge was a blue and purple shield with a golden castle and the colours were purple and blue worn as a tie. In that first year the county team played a home match at Westward Ho! against Surrey and away matches against Kent and Surrey travelling in a hired Great Western railway carriage. In 1903 Devon triumphed in the County Finals, then called the Ladies' Field Challenge Cup, defeating Kent and Worcestershire at Sunningdale. Unfortunately the home match v Kent was cancelled as Devon was unable to raise a team. It was a good start but in 1901 membership had dropped to 21 and no matches were played and Devon did not join the County Club Association. Juniors were admitted in 1902. But the ladies bounced back and in 1903 there were 53 members and 8 clubs. The County is  divided into 4 divisions – north, east, south and west - which is the same as today. By 1998 there were 34 clubs and 2,000 members.

In 1929 the County Club name was changed to the Devon County Ladies' Golf Association (DCLGA). A County second team was formed in 1937 and the first junior team in 1952.

The Still Cup started in 1903 with an entry of 16 teams in 4 divisions. In 1947 a Foursomes competition was arranged in the memory of Doris Willes-Little. The Sheelah Creasy Bowl was awarded in 1954 for the best nett score for handicaps up to 24, this was changed in 1966 to an inter-club competition for Bronze Division players. The President's Trophy was introduced as the third inter-club competition in 1999.  The first Championships took place in 1922 at East Devon and the 96th was at Royal North Devon in 2018 when they celebrated 150 years for their ladies.

In 2018 the DCLGA membership stood at over 2,500 with the County teams and inter-club competitions still going strong. This was the year the historic merger between Devon Men and Devon Ladies took place, only the 4th in the country, to work as one organisation for all golfers in Devon - DevonGolf.

Further information can be found in the DCLGA Centenary book which was given to all clubs and a copy is held in the DevonGolf office.

Past Presidents & Captains

Year President
Year Captain
2020 Now DevonGolf
2020 Now DevonGolf
2019 Now DevonGolf
2019 Anne Norman - Exeter (Last Lady Captain)
2018 Carolyn Maynard - Tiverton
2018 Christine Longford - Yelverton
2017 Ann Legg - Teignmouth
2017 Angie Hickey - Stover
2016 Ann Legg - Teignmouth
2016 Alison Hilton - Tiverton
2015 Barbara Mullet - Honiton
2015 Sue Ackland - Royal North Devon
2014 Maureen Harris - Torquay
2014 Barbara Cumings - Axe Cliff
2013 Maureen Harris - Torquay
2013 Hilary Greenway - East Devon
2012 Jane Easterbrook - Churston
2012 Hilary Greenway - East Devon
2011 Jane Easterbrook - Churston
2011 Barbara Perriton - Staddon Heights
2010 Joan Miller - Teignmouth
2010 Barbara Perriton - Staddon Heights
2009 Joan Miller - Teignmouth
2009 Sue Persey - Tiverton
2008 Juliet Gardner - Downes Crediton
2008 Sue Persey - Tiverton
2007 Juliet Gardner - Downes Crediton
2007 Maureen Harris - Torquay
2006 Molly Prowse - Stover
2006 Maureen Harris - Torquay
2005 Molly Prowse - Stover
2005 Sally Tyler - Teignmouth
2004 Pam Westaway - Thurlestone
2004 Sally Tyler - Teignmouth
2003 Pam Westaway - Thurlestone
2003 Margot Beauchamp - Sidmouth
2002 Janet Macklin - Exeter
2002 Margot Beauchamp - Sidmouth
2001 Janet Macklin - Exeter
2000-01 Betty Baynham - East Devon
2000 Wendy Shotter - Churston
1998-99 Ann Legg - Teignmouth
1999 Wendy Shotter - Churston
1996-97  Juliet Gardner - Downes Crediton
1998 Wendy Shotter - Churston
1994-95 Jane Easterbrook - Churston
1997 Lorna Shaw - Churston
1992-93 Barbara Snutch - Honiton
1996 Joan Mackenzie - Thurlestone
1990-91 Janet Macklin - Exeter
1995 Joan Mackenzie - Thurlestone
1988-89 Bill James - East Devon
1994 Joan Mackenzie - Thurlestone
1986-87 Patricia Cooper - Saunton
1993 Dorothy Baldry - Churston
1984-85 Joy Tompkins - Thurlestone
1992 Dorothy Baldry - Churston
1982-83 Terry Gavourin - Thurlestone
1991 Dorothy Baldry - Churston
1980-82 Jean Mason - Teignmouth
1990 Gladys Hansford - Exeter
1979 Judith Thomas - Yelverton
1989 Margaret Fulford - Royal North Devon
1978 Margaret Courtney - Exeter
1988 Margaret Fulford - Royal North Devon
1977 Mary Phillimore - Exeter
1987 Margaret Fulford - Royal North Devon
1976 Queenie Crawley - Sidmouth
1986 José Bruce - Exeter
1975 Anneke Roberts - Teignmouth
1985 José Bruce - Exeter
1974 Dorothy Baldry - Churston
1984 José Bruce - Exeter
1973 Gladys Hansford - Exeter
1983 Doris Wills - Exeter
1972 Joan Mackenzie - Thurlestone
1982 Doris Wills - Exeter
1971 Margaret Fulford - Royal North Devon
1981 Phyllis Hamilton - Tiverton
1970 Phyllis Haddon - Churston
1980 Phyllis Hamilton - Tiverton
1969 Cecily Dapot - Yelverton
1979 Phyllis Hamilton - Tiverton
1967-68 José Bruce - Exeter
1978 Betty Ord - Thurlestone
1965-66 Phyllis Hamilton - Tiverton
1977 Betty Ord - Thurlestone
1964-65 D Douglas-Robertson - Thurlestone
1976 Betty Ord - Thurlestone
1961-63 Betty Ord - Thurlestone
1975 Kay Sharpe - Okehampton
1959-60 Eileen Scott - Exeter
1974 Kay Sharpe - Okehampton
1956-58 Betty Ord - Thurlestone
1973 M O Williams - Seaton
1953-55 Sheelah Creasy - Warren
1972 M O Williams - Seaton
1950-52 Miss Lloyd Williams - Torquay
1971 M O Williams - Seaton
1947-49 M O Williams - Seaton (ELGA Chairman 1965 & 1967)
1969 Sheelah Creasy - Warren
1946  B G Bennett - East Devon
1968 Sheelah Creasy - Warren

War Years - no information
1967 Sheelah Creasy - Warren
1939 J H Foster - East Devon
1954 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1936-38 Miss Lloyd Williams - Torquay
1953 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1933-35 B G Bennett - East Devon
1952 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1930-32 H M Robinson - Tavistock
1951 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1921-29 D Derring - Westward Ho! (RND)
1950 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1919-20 P C Collett - Torquay
1949 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1913-18 E S Temple - Westward Ho! (RND)
1948 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1912 C Wingfield-Stratford - South Devon
1947 Lady Heathcoat Amory - Tiverton
1901-11 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston
1933 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston
1900 Mrs Wilson Hoare - Westward Ho! (RND)
1932 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1931 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1930 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1929 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1928 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1927 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1926 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1924 Lady Churston - Churston

1923 Lady Churston - Churston

1922 Lady Churston - Churston

1921 Lady Churston - Churston

1920 Lady Churston - Churston

1919 Lady Churston - Churston

1918 Lady Churston - Churston

1917 Lady Churston - Churston

1916 Lady Churston - Churston

1915 Lady Churston - Churston

1914 Lady Churston - Churston

1913 Lady Churston - Churston

1912 Lady Churston - Churston

1911 Lady Churston - Churston

1910 Lady Churston - Churston

1909 Lady Churston - Churston

1908 Lady Churston - Churston

1907 Lady Churston - Churston

1906 Lady Churston - Churston

1905 Lady Churston - Churston

1904 Lady Churston - Churston

1903 Lady Churston - Churston

1902 Lady Churston - Churston

1901 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston

1900 Hon B Lois Yarde-Buller - Churston